Wish list: The Gourmand’s Grater


By Mike Sutter | Fed Man Walking | 09.17.13
Something so new it’s not really a thing yet is the Gourmand’s Grater, a stunningly retro handheld foodmill in its crowdfunding stage. A former Austin-area lawyer and now a new mother living in Spain named Anne Kersch dreamed up this gadget, which looks like a Kitchen-Aid mixer crashed into a ’56 Ford Fairlane, with colors like candy-apple red and cotton candy pink, even burnt orange for Longhorns fans.
The grater came to my attention when Kersch — who also runs a charming food website called Gambas and Grits — asked about advertising on Fed Man Walking. My site doesn’t accepting advertising, but the Gourmand’s Grater did something more important: It made me want one badly enough to spread the word. I included it when Bon Appetit asked me to recommend something for their Gift Guide. But that won’t come until November if at all, and time is a factor. With just a few days left in the grater’s IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, Kersch has raised about $16,000 of her $40,000 goal. The ground-floor buy-in is $65, which includes a grater. Here’s the link.
UPDATE: The crowdfunding deadline has come and gone, and the Gourmand's Grater pulled in just half of its $40,000 goal. Here's a note on the website from Anne Kersch: While we didn't get the financing we needed to get through our first production run, we did get a sense that there is a market out there for the Gourmand's Grater.  We have decided to take it to the next level and will be making a "looks like, feels like" prototype with our own funds (basically, commissioning the production of a one-off Gourmand's Grater).  We may then be back to crowdfund or, depending on the final costs, break open our piggy bank and fund it ourselves.
You should know I have no financial interest in the grater, nor do I know Anne Kersch (who goes by her married name, Garcia, on the site), nor have I received or been promised a free grater. I just want the chance to buy this thing when and if it comes out. For grating cheese, grinding coffee beans or even milling small amounts of grain for homebrewing. The Gourmand’s Grater has the charm of the old Moulinex handmill that inspired it but improves on the design with a bigger hopper, a tighter seal on the grinding wheel and a curved handle to allow room between the hand that turns the crank and the knuckles holding the grater  steady.
And for the record, Kersch did incorporate a few lines from our e-mail interview into a video on the site, going so far as to animate my Kitchen-Aid metaphor. I watched it with a mix of charm and chagrin, but it’s hard to resist a gadget whose motivation includes milling restaurant food into baby food on the fly for the inventor’s 6-month-old baby boy.
(Photos and video via Anne Kersch)