Spot Check: Fleet Coffee

Fleet Coffee
2427 Webberville Road, Austin (map), 512-524-0142,
Hours: 7am-7pm daily
By Mike Sutter | © Fed Man Walking | 05.16.16
The Morning Ritual at Fleet Coffee takes that most New York of flavor concepts — cereal milk — and translates it to coffee with doughnut milk. And yes, doughnut milk is exactly that, the sweet spoils of dunking. The cortado made with that milk is pure one-stop doughnut shop, the bitterness of espresso and a glazed-over sugar buzz for $5.50.
The shop, which opened in mid-March across from the reinvigorated Dog and Duck Pub on Webberville Road, is a venture by veteran baristas and coffee-ologists Patrick Pierce (left) and Lorenzo Perkins, artfully wedged into the shotgun space that used to house Superhuman Bean. Fleet is like a Colorado weed shop, dispensing beans from select roasters like Madcap from Michigan, Olympia from Washington and Wild Gift from Austin. (In fact, the same Madcap Third Coast blend that went into the Morning Ritual also made for a fine $3 Americano with a mellow spark.)
The name Fleet Coffee came from two different tracks. Pierce’s dad owned a company called Fleet Maintenance in his hometown of Boyd. That’s Track 1. Track 2 is a night when the guys were having a beer at the Ginger Man, and Perkins was railing on about the ephemerality of espresso — if you think that’s a stretch, follow the guy on Twitter — how after all the roaster’s work, he has a 35-second window to get it right. “It’s a fleeting moment.” There.
(Photos by Mike Sutter © Fed Man Walking)