P. Terry’s, Part 2: Mourning Dublin Dr Pepper

By Mike Sutter | Fed Man Walking | 01.26.12
UPDATE: All the Dublin Dr Pepper T-shirts have been given away. This from Patrick Terry: "The line formed before we opened for breakfast at 7 a.m. Most stores were out of shirts before 2pm. My guy Matt has been with me since the beginning said he has never experienced anything like it at P. Terry’s. Insane."
When the Dr Pepper Snapple Group bought the rights to Dublin Dr Pepper this month, it ended more than 100 years of a cult favorite fueled by cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup.
The deal means six-packs of the 8-ounce bottles are going for $37 on Amazon. It also means that local restaurants who carry Dublin on draft will run dry any day now. That includes P. Terry’s Burger Stand, where owner Patrick Terry said it’s the chain’s most popular fountain drink.
Between its five stores, P. Terry’s goes through about 79,200 ounces of Dublin Dr Pepper a week, Terry said. That’s about 618 gallons. Or enough to make 1,650 six-packs of those little glass bottles. Terry said he stockpiled the Dublin syrup as the deal approached, but even his shops will likely run out by the middle of next week.
P. Terry’s celebrated the drink’s life on Friday by giving away Dublin Dr Pepper T-shirts, and the vice president of the Dublin Bottling Works visited the North Lamar P. Terry’s. With a documentary crew in tow, Jeff Kloster has been helping customers work through their grief. The deal with DP/Snapple means that while Dr Pepper will still make a version with cane sugar, it won’t be bottled in Dublin or carry the Dublin name.
Terry said he hasn’t decided what will replace Dublin Dr Pepper in P. Terry’s fountains. He’ll talk with Dublin Bottling Works about some of their other full-sugar soda flavors, or he might add another flavor from Maine Root, the Austin-based company whose root beer P. Terry’s already carries. Speaking of root beer, Terry said he plans to bring back Maine Root root beer shakes in February.