A last look at Fran’s on South Congress

By Mike Sutter | Fed Man Walking | 04.08.13
Fran’s Hamburgers closed on Sunday, ending four decades of burgers and fries on South Congress.
But I didn’t go to Fran’s for hamburgers. Which is not to say I couldn’t get one. Just an ordinary one. A quarter-pound on an ordinary bun with ordinary shredded lettuce at an extraordinary price of four bucks. Halfway through lunch, it collapsed on itself like a freeway overpass in an earthquake. Nothing but bun.
No, I came to Fran’s for the history, to play spot-the-“Friday Night Lights”-locales and for the little girl with the guitar on the roof. It was a lived-in place, with beat-up red-and-white tiled floors, a red wooden stand-up counter in the back and booths with every bit of the gray plastic veneer chipped off to reveal the wood underneath.
It’s not over for Fran’s, not all the way. The family just decided not to renew the lease on South Congress, according to the American-Statesman. They still have the shop at 6214 Cameron Road, and you can get food like this at four Dan’s Hamburgers around town, the result of a family split. But on Monday, a trailer came and got the guitar girl, leaving South Congress a little bit more ... ordinary.
(Photos by Mike Sutter © Fed Man Walking)