Exclusive menus from The Dojo

By Mike Sutter | Fed Man Walking | 08.05.13
UPDATED 9/17/14: The Dojo has closed. Here's a note from the restaurant's Facebook page.
Seven days is a long time to wait for ramen. But it’s coming to Fed Man Walking next Monday, seven days of noodles and broth and an endless list of “ands” to fire our desire to have what the person next to us is having. One of the things they’re having is ramen from the Dojo Sake Bar and Izakaya, which opened two weeks ago in the shell of what used to be the Tokyo Steakhouse in North Austin, and before that a Benihana.
The Dojo is more than ramen, although they prize their noodle soup enough to have a guy who handles nothing but that, a man who calls himself the Ramen Ninja by night and simply Mike Elliott in the daylight.
The Dojo is an izakaya in the Japanese style, with hot and cold small plates to fill out long nights of sake and cold Japanese beer and Yamazaki whisky and other drinks with or without full cocktail dress. There’s fried chicken and raw salmon, marinated octopus and drunken clams, grilled ribeye tataki and rice-pickled cucumbers. Most of it falls around $3-$8, more if your whole table’s getting a bite.
That part of the menu is handled by chef Motoharu Seto. Behind the scenes are operations manager Adeline Bui and general manager Kenneth Macias, a face you might recognize from Uchi or Sway. They’re veterans, but the Dojo is so new it doesn’t have its food and drink menus online just yet. But that’s how we scout our restaurants these days, so here they are. Something to tide you over until 7 Days of Ramen kicks off next Monday.
Note: I run restaurant menus from time to time, for new places or when a change might interest my readers. It’s not a paid service, and I sought the restaurant’s permission beforehand. As always, I paid for my own food and drinks.
The Dojo Sake Bar and Izakaya
9070 Research Blvd. # 305. 512-458-3900, www.dojoatx.com.
Hours: 5:30pm-"late" daily; closed Tue.
(TOP LEFT: The Dojo opened two weeks ago in the former Tokyo Steakhouse space at Research Boulevard and Burnet Road. TOP RIGHT: A sampling of food and drinks from the Dojo: Chicken and lotus root skewers called tori tsukune, seaweed salad, a flight of sake and bacon-wrapped salmon. Photos by Mike Sutter © Fed Man Walking. Menus reprinted by permission.)