500 Tacos: Wild Taco

A taco a day for 2015 — and then some
Wild Taco
3800 Dry Creek Drive in the Shell station lot, Austin (map), 512-731-5726. Hours: 7am-2pm daily
By Mike Sutter | © Fed Man Walking | 08.17.15
If you weren’t already drawn to the romance of the taco trailer spirit, consider Wild Taco. This two-wheeled tagalong set up shop this spring practically in the parking lot of another good place for tacos, the new Azul Tequila. Wild Taco works the crease between 7 a.m. and when Azul opens at 11, bringing breakfast tacos seven days a week, along with a full menu of $2.50 lunch tacos through 2 o’clock. There are only two sun-baked barstools if you want to sit along the trailer’s stainless steel counter, but Jorge Zuniga and Paola Barrios will make you feel welcome either way.
The taco: Steak
When there’s a work crew in line ahead of you, order what they order. Today, they ordered steak. Is it because at $2.50, this isn’t the cheapest taco-trailer lunch, so you want something filling and substantial? If so, steak’s the right choice. This sturdy, chewy chop of skirt steak gets a nice salt and pepper sear on the flat-top with a little grease for the gears. Dressed with fresh onions and cilantro. ($2.50, served all day)
 Breakfast tacos: You can’t get breakfast next door during the week, so Wild Taco lays out a full menu of simple breakfast tacos. They’re a touch on the high side, the fallout of a menu where everything but barbacoa’s $2.50 for streamlining’s sake. The migas taco is packed with hard-scrambled eggs, cheese, tomato, onion and crumbled tortilla chips from a bag. No peppers, though, and there should be. I’ll wave you off bacon, egg and cheese, because the bacon’s not cooked to order, and it’s all rubber and salt. ($2.50 each, served all day)
 Al pastor: This flat-top pastor hits most of the pastor targets. It’s bricky-orange and tender. It’s sweet, with a weedy achiote twang in the background. It’s served on double corn tortillas and dressed with fresh onion and cilantro. If there were some pineapple, this could be a destination taco. ($2.50)
 Tortillas: Doubled-up white corn tortillas from a bag and storebought flour tortillas toasted to a nice crunch on the grill.
 Salsa: Just one, but it’s a delicious medium-hot, emulsified whirl of jalapeño and onion.
The 500 Tacos Project
(Photos by Mike Sutter © Fed Man Walking)